Adult Literacy Center

The adult literacy center came into existence as a result of the dire need for petty traders to acquire basic communication skills. I realized that this category of citizens lacked these skills when I visited a market in Abuja.
I was amazed to discover that most of these people were unable to communicate effectively with their customers. This pathetic predicament immediately aroused in me a sense of urgency in assisting fellow Nigerians who are less privileged than myself.

After this incident, I met with several elders and some of my contemporaries to discuss how a literacy centre could be established for adults who did not have the opportunities of going to school as youths. Soon after these deliberations, this center was established in October 2010 in a suburb called Karu in Abuja, Nigeria. Having gone round the market to mobilize the petty traders, the centre started with one classroom, one teacher and with about twenty seven students.  The number gradually increased when news of the centre spread.  To day, the centre can boast of four classrooms, four teachers and about one hundred and twenty students.

Most of the students undergoing our programme have testified that it has been of immense benefit to them in their various professions/ traders. They said that they had been taught the registers of their particular professions/traders, and this has been of tremendous benefit to them, in the sense that it made communication with customers very effective. In addition they said that they had gotten more customers through the use of these skills.
Currently, new students are being enrolled at the centre on a monthly basis. Our target before the end of this year is to have a maximum of two hundred and fifty students.